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Imagine being able to watch a home movie for the first time in 35 years.  Seeing the faces and hearing the voices of family members and friends who are no longer with us, or maybe even for the first time ever. That's an irreplaceable experience, and exactly what drove us to start Memory Lane Media. 

When we got married in 2016, we decided to convert old VHS home movies and create a series of video montages to play during our reception to surprise our families. Unfortunately...

-we had a hard time finding anyone local.
-we hated the idea of shipping our precious memories across the country.
- the turn around time was too long.

So, we decided to purchase our first tape to DVD converter, and took on the job ourselves. 

That's when Dan got to watch his grandparent's 35th wedding anniversary video and hear his late grandpa's voice for the first time.  
These are experiences we want to share with you. 

Our Mission

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The mission of MLM is to help you convert and protect your family's story.

We convert your home videos, film and audio into formats that can be downloaded from the internet or saved on a DVD or CD or USB drive.  Regardless of the size of your project, MLM promises to provide timely and high-quality service, because your memories deserve nothing but the best. 

Brittany is a tenured associate professor of digital media and Dan has been in sales for 10+ years. Outside of work and MLM, they enjoy spending time outside with their pups, hiking, and cooking for their family and friends. 

MLM is a family-owned business located in Jimmy Stewart's hometown and proud to serve Indiana County and Western PA. We are constantly expanding our services, so please contact us directly for inquiries, regardless of the media type. Visit our Contact page or follow us on social media. 

Now, it's time to preserve your memories.  
Let us help. 


About Us

Convert and protect your family's story

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