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How It Works

Ready to convert your home movies? 

Preserve Your Memories in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1: 

Fill out the Contact Us form below, call/text 724-406-9679, or  email


Step 2:

We'll arrange a time to meet and collect everything you'd like to convert. Your media will be safely stored in weather proof bins during travel and throughout the transfer and conversion process. 

Step 3:

Once your media is converted, we'll contact you to schedule a time to deliver your preserved memories and original media.


Step 4:

Enjoy your preserved memories with friends and family. Prepare the popcorn and tissues!

Why Choose Memory Lane Media?


Your media will be safe and local. Unlike national companies, Memory Lane Media doesn't require you to ship your media.


You will have direct communication with your conversion specialist and will receive personalized updates along the way. You can reach out at anytime with questions regarding your media. 


Very few conversion companies will repair, restore or fine-tune your media. We can work with you to trim and edit out any unwanted media/blank space on your original video so that it doesn't appear in the converted copy. 


Before we begin converting your videos, your specialist will sign a Privacy Promise. The contents of your videos will never be released to the public without written permission.


We know how excited you are to relive your memories; we are equipped to handle quick turn around times depending on your needs. 

What We Convert



8MM Tapes, Hi8, Digital 8 

Audio Cassettes

3"- 8" 8mm and Super 8 Film

35mm Slides

Photo Negatives

What We Can Fix

Torn/Moldy Film or Tape

Broken Outer Tape Cases

Low Quality Audio

VHS Hum/Buzz Removal
VHS Snow Removal

What You'll Receive Back 

Choose Between:

Downloadable File


USB Storage 

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